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Just Creative or Unprofessional? What do you think?

The nerve of some astounds me!
Being creative and helping others find their creativity is now being called “unprofessional”???
I support Mikey, just being clear.

Knot Just Yarn Blog

This blog may get your knickers in a knot… I know… I’m just untying mine. Would love your feedback.

I received an email from an irate woman through Facebook claiming that I don’t have the ability to crochet, nor the right to teach crochet when I show cheating techniques in a video. To say to people that’s it’s alright to improvise or provide alternative tips proves that I am unable to follow a pattern.

In essence, she says the the patterns need to be followed 100% and tips that I am providing are not part of the original pattern and/or should not be taught nor encouraged for people to know how to change yarn brands, stitching technique alternatives and/or what to do if something is going wrong. If it doesn’t say it in the pattern, it shouldn’t be taught. The way I teach proves that I don’t posses the skills…

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